We are a Sales & Marketing-as-a-Service provider that links digital demand generation with high-impact human-to-human phone interaction for quota-busting results. By fully managing your programs―or as an extension of your current operations―we maximize the power of people, process and marketing technology.

Televerde sponsor B2B Content2 Conversion Conference Feb. 15-18
“From Contact To Close: Integrating Digital, Nurture & The Human Touch” on Monday, February 15 from 11 – 2 p.m. MST at the B2B Content2Conversion Conference.
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CEOs want to achieve and sustain revenue and business growth. We drive profitable revenue and achieve strategic growth objectives through proven, end-to-end sales pipeline management capabilities and market expertise. Read More

Marketing execs need to optimize their lead generation programs with innovative practices that produce strong ROI. We boost production of qualified sales leads and improve conversion rates with scalable, measurable and integrated data, marketing automation and teleservices programs. Read More

What keeps sales execs up at night is achieving and exceeding revenue goals. We drive more qualified leads and revenue goal achievement while enhancing your team’s impact, performance and productivity. Read More

Marketing & sales operations execs are intensely focused on producing a higher volume of well-qualified leads within a manageable process. We optimize lead generation campaign results with flexible, scalable and integrated services that enable superior visibility, metrics and end-to-end sales pipeline support. Read More

We’ve generated over $6.5 billion in revenue for clients. This year we’ve delivered over 7,500 C-level leads and $400 million in pipeline value. Find out how we optimize pipeline volume, value and velocity and help you benefit from fresh, data-driven insights for successful sales outcomes.


of database records are not actionable.


of companies don’t leverage the full potential of their marketing automation investment.


of new leads aren’t sales-ready.


of marketing-qualified leads don’t close.


of the sales team doesn’t achieve quota.


of the purchasing decision is complete before a buyer talks to you.


of buyers visit websites sub-optimized to qualify them.


of sales-qualified leads don’t close.