Are you getting the most out of your Partner Network?

I’ve been fortunate to work at companies throughout my career that see and utilize partners as a vital sales channel. Building out authorized agents in Latin America for BellSouth’s wireless division, launching new products into Cingular/AT&T Mobility’s U.S. National Retailers and Dealers and building the global affiliates channel for Bing Search Solutions at Microsoft, and […]

5 reasons sales development reps aren’t ready for today’s buyers & how to fix it.

I enjoy the exercise of picking apart conventional thinking to see if a new, better way of achieving a goal is on the other side. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of my “Why?” “How?” and “Says who?!?”, it can get a bit annoying. That said, my efforts are designed to help our […]

Get Sirius with Televerde in London

We are only days away from our second SiriusDecisions European Summit. At last year’s event, we made the announcement of our intent to open an office in Europe and then later opened the office in March of this year. With the recent opening of Televerde’s European headquarters in Glasgow, we are excited to be a […]

Dazed & Confused after Content Marketing World 2016

By Mark A. Evertz, Televerde Televerde CMO Note: The following was ripped from the mind of water-logged, Portland, Oregon-based, Televerde demand gen strategist & content director, Mark Evertz. We calmed him down a bit. Made him drink a lot of fluids and asked for his insights so the rest of us could steal some of […]

25 Hours in the Day? Nope – Just a More Efficient B2B Marketing Team

What would you do with an extra hour in the day? How often have I’ve wished for that. Whether to get through a heavy workload, enjoy that extra time with family or friends or just get an extra hour of shut-eye, there always seems to be a bit more I want to do than time […]

5 Steps to Boost B2B Marketing Productivity

When it comes to marketing strategies, you’ll find lots of tricks and techniques on launching creative marketing campaigns and driving conversions. While those are valuable conversations to have, sometimes teams put the cart before the horse by focusing on refining those tactics when they haven’t yet addressed more basic steps on campaign strategy and metrics […]

Redesigning a B2B Brand: The Televerde Experience

I’ve had the chance to launch or relaunch brands many times in my career.  The term ‘brand’ is heavily used and many cases over-used, but I believe it’s one of the most important elements of a company’s strategy and needed to be a top priority in my role as the new CMO for Televerde.   […]

What Marketing & Sales Teams can learn from Space X & Elon Musk

I’ve been fortunate to have a professional career that has spanned five decades in sales, marketing and senior leadership positions.  As an entrepreneur, innovation excites me, whether it be processes, people or technology. Throughout my career, one of my mottos has been to continuously improve, always get better.  It’s a core value of the company […]

Springsteen & Me – Partners in Demand Gen

Even if one doesn’t listen to him every day, most people out there admire or are a fan on some level of the Boss.   It’s always fun to watch Courtney Cox dance in the dark before she was our best F.R.I.E.N.D. My Pandora station for Springsteen starts with his ‘92 hit, Human Touch. Why that […]

Improve Sales Effectiveness with Oracle Eloqua for Sales

Lightbulb! It’s no longer enough for Marketing to deliver a steady flow of qualified leads to Sales. Marketers need to be a part of and involved in the bigger picture—Closing deals that drive revenue! In the beginning of my professional career, I was told by my COO, “Remember, You Are All in Sales”. That statement […]