Republic Services & Televerde: Getting it done in a House of Do’ers at B2B Marketing Exchange

At the premiere conference for marketing content and demand gen practitioners, Republic Services and Televerde bring home a prestigious Finny Award for Best Return on Investment Campaign By Mark Evertz I traveled to the epicenter of demand gen and content innovation this week for Business2Business Marketing Exchange or #B2BMX. No Hall of Fame two-wheeler Mat Hoffman […]

ABM Sandwich: What End-to-End Demand Gen Tastes Like

It’s lunchtime in Arizona and I’m trying to decide if I’m going to run to the mom and pop sandwich shop down the street or the nationwide chain restaurant that the rest of my team is headed to for a bite. I recently discussed a similar conundrum on Jay Baer’s fantastic marketing site, Convince & […]

Medical Technology Organizations: What Demand Generation Means to You

Are you ready for HIMSS? The 2017 Health IT Conference is just around the corner, we’re busy preparing for the trip to Orlando and we’d love to see you there.  We’re hosting a luncheon about how to better align sales and marketing in a healthcare setting; if you are a marketing leader and would like […]

Rising Above Partner Channel Challenges

A recap of our latest webinar on optimizing your partner channel. Last week, we were thrilled to host Tim Harmon of Forrester as a guest speaker for our webinar “Turn Your Partner Channel into a Marketing Engine”. His expertise about all things channel, marketing and technology is impressive. As I listened to Tim speak, I couldn’t […]

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Partner Network?

Going direct can only take you so far. A partner can take the personalized experience, trusted relationships and loyalty for your product or solutions to new levels. I’ve been fortunate to work at companies throughout my career that see and utilize partners as a vital sales channel. Building out authorized agents in Latin America for […]

5 Reasons SDRs Aren’t Ready for Today’s Buyers & How to Fix It.

Make your SDRs the most knowledgeable, highly trained and longest-tenured people in your sales organization. I enjoy the exercise of picking apart conventional thinking to see if a new, better way of achieving a goal is on the other side. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of my “Why?” “How?” and “Says who?!?”, […]

Get Sirius with Televerde in London

We are only days away from our second SiriusDecisions European Summit. At last year’s event, we made the announcement of our intent to open an office in Europe and then later opened the office in March of this year. With the recent opening of Televerde’s European headquarters in Glasgow, we are excited to be a […]

Dazed & Confused after Content Marketing World 2016

  Televerde CMO Note: The following was ripped from the mind of water-logged, Portland, Oregon-based, Televerde demand gen strategist & content director, Mark Evertz. We calmed him down a bit. Made him drink a lot of fluids and asked for his insights so the rest of us could steal some of the good ideas he […]

25 Hours in the Day? Nope. Just a More Efficient B2B Marketing Team

Boost your B2B marketing team’s productivity so they are more efficient and focused; essentially doing more with the same amount of time. What would you do with an extra hour in the day? How often have I’ve wished for that. Whether to get through a heavy workload, enjoy that extra time with family or friends […]

5 Steps to Boost B2B Marketing Productivity

When it comes to marketing strategies, you’ll find lots of tricks and techniques on launching creative marketing campaigns and driving conversions. While those are valuable conversations to have, sometimes teams put the cart before the horse by focusing on refining those tactics when they haven’t yet addressed more basic steps on campaign strategy and metrics […]