Improve Sales Effectiveness with Oracle Eloqua for Sales

Lightbulb! It’s no longer enough for Marketing to deliver a steady flow of qualified leads to Sales. Marketers need to be a part of and involved in the bigger picture—Closing deals that drive revenue! In the beginning of my professional career, I was told by my COO, “Remember, You Are All in Sales”. That statement […]

Why Marketing Automation Isn’t Just a CMO Concern

As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Televerde, I get my fingers into all kinds of programs, campaigns and initiatives throughout the company which may not be directly focused on our marketing initiatives. I’m often working with other company leaders to add some strategic guidance, show support, or even determine which programs across all departments will […]

Glasgow: A look at the new home of our new European Headquarters

Hi All, I just returned from Scotland working with our first recruits in our new European headquarters and wanted to share an update on the progress we’ve made in the past two months. It was in October 2015 at the SiriusDecisions European Summit when we announced we’d add another international location in order to support […]

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2016 [Infographic]

Digital marketing trends are constantly evolving, making knowing about them before they happen vital to remaining competitive in digital demand generation. Most B2B marketers know that marketing automation is a “must-have” tool. However, in 2016 the focus will shift toward implementing effective marketing automation strategy. Content was also a big marketing focus during 2015 and […]

5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Content [Infographic]

Your company puts a lot of time and effort into creating quality content for digital demand generation campaigns, making it important that you use it to its fullest extent. Maximize your reach with our creative tactics for transforming and recycling your content. Digital demand generation marketers are creating more content than ever before, leading to […]

Avoiding the “Just Another Vendor” Trap

As VP of Client Success, I arrive at Televerde every day thinking about how to make our client engagements a resounding success. I’m not ok with ‘OK.’ Hearing our team did ‘fine’ weighs heavily on me. And, even if we met expectations, I’m eager to figure out how we can exceed expectations the next time. […]

Modern Marketing Experience 2016 Recap

Modern Marketing Experience (MME) is an annual event hosted by Oracle Marketing Cloud in Las Vegas, Nevada. Televerde was a Bronze sponsor for this event and it took a team to absorb all the latest and greatest marketing insights, OMC product updates, network for leads and have fun. At #MME16, we heard a lot about […]

Eloqua Enhancements: What the Cloud Connector updates mean to you

With recent Eloqua enhancements, the legacy Cloud Connector/Cloud Components App framework is being sunset. This can only mean one thing… forward motion is in play. Immediately after the acquisition of Eloqua by Oracle, we saw little changes within the Oracle Eloqua Platform. Fast forward to now, and the changes are starting to take hold. Here […]

B2B Teleservices Do’s and Don’ts

The growing demand in telemarketing services for lead qualification has many companies recognizing its potential to achieve results. When used properly, it is a powerful tool for increasing sales. However, when incorrect tactics are used, it can lead to annoyed customers and missed sales opportunities. Whether your company chooses to outsource or do its own […]

Oracle and Eloqua are moving out of the “Friend” Zone

It has been over four years since Oracle purchased Eloqua, which was shortly after the release of E10. Since then, the relationship had been stuck in a “friend” zone with limited enhancements to E10. I know all of you fellow “Eloquans”, now “Oraquans”, have been patiently waiting to see what changes and incorporations Oracle will […]