Televerde Launches New Leading-Edge Sales Opportunity Delivery Portal


By Larry Fleischman, Practice Director, Branding and Go-to-Market Strategies, Televerde

Televerde has launched a new version of our online sales opportunity delivery portal. The new portal called “My Account” (formerly known as “Intelegility”), features many enhancements designed to create a highly productive experience for our clients who rely on the platform to access their new sales opportunities and review the performance of the demand creation campaigns Televerde implements on their behalf.

Some of the critical new enhancements include:

  • Contextual and comprehensive views of new and existing sales opportunities that can be sorted and analyzed by type (e.g., leads, appointments, etc.) and context (e.g., geographic location, date range, etc.).
  • More actionable intelligence and insight associated with each sales opportunity.
  • Sales opportunity feedback options, disposition options, and assignment options for specific sales reps.
  • A robust set of meaningful, metrics-rich and easily exportable campaign performance reports.
  • More intuitive and quicker navigation as well as contemporary stylization.


The new My Account portal enables a high-value experience for our clients. Many outsourced providers of demand creation services provide their clients with just basic information about the sales leads they’ve generated and little insight about the performance of their marketing campaigns.

My Account shifts this practice entirely by empowering our clients with a rich set of actionable intelligence associated with all the sales opportunities we generate for them. It also provides them features to organize, view and download their sales opportunities based on a variety of context preferences that best suit their unique needs. And the real-time updates to campaign performance reports provide clients with much-needed business metrics to gauge their ROI and compare against similar benchmarks.

My Account will continue to be enhanced with new features based on client-user feedback. And, as we further enrich our innovative integrated demand creation capabilities (i.e., blended contact data, digital marketing and dialogue-based marketing solutions supported by market research) for its clients, we will update the portal to fulfill the new sales opportunity and reporting imperatives.

My Account, which has been in development for about a year, was designed with significant input from Televerde’s clients who participated in a one-month long beta test prior to the launch of the platform in late May. Client experience and feedback is very meaningful to us in all aspects of the services we provide. We relied heavily on their recommendations to create a My Account portal that serves them in the most productive and relevant manner.

Use of Televerde’s My Account portal is exclusive to our clients who each have their own secure, password-protected section of the site.

We are providing demos of the portal to those who are interested in becoming clients. To schedule a demonstration, contact us at or +1 888-787-2829.

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Author: Televerde

Televerde is a global demand generation company that provides sales and marketing solutions designed to acquire new business and accelerate revenue. 

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