By Larry Fleischman, Practice Director, Branding and Go-to-Market Strategies & Solutions, Televerde

Televerde’s networking, learning and visibility activities go into high-gear throughout October. We’ll be at the Marketing Sherpa B2B Marketing Summits in both San Francisco (Oct 4-5) and Boston (Oct 25-26), the Marketo User Summit in San Francisco (Oct. 13-14), and the SiriusDecisions Summit in London (Oct. 19). If you’re going to these events, please make a point to find us and let’s spend some time together so we can talk about the demand creation activities you’re working on and how we may be able to help you to create more qualified net new sales opportunities faster.

And speaking of networking, learning and visibility, we encourage you to follow our lead and take full advantage of opportunities to amplify your messages, broaden awareness of your value proposition, and fully engage your current and future customers through event marketing and visibility programs. Televerde picks and chooses our event marketing opportunities very carefully, and we make our investment decisions for these events based on specific ROI goals we expect to achieve.

As many of you know, coordination of visibility at events is no small task and no small investment. We are well aware of this too. We plan end-to-end for these events, including using social media, dialogue+digital marketing outreach and nurture, pre-scheduled meetings with key customers, follow-up activities, and more nurturing of the targeted people we want to know more about. (And whom we want to know more about us!) We’d be happy to share our insight with you on how to optimize your event marketing activities.

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