What We Do:

Data Quality Technology, Real-Time CRM & MAP Data Readiness

Marketing Data Services Platform (MDSP) that keeps you ahead of the curve.

How can our data quality technology enable accurate lead generation results at every stage in your marketing & sales pipeline?
  • Ongoing Data Management

  • Comprehensive B2B Database of 300 Million+ Organizations

  • Partnerships with Data Quality Cloud Connector™ & Real-Time Data Appending™

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Your employees use data every day. But they use it differently, don’t they? Data quality technology makes coordination easy, even across departments with different needs. Your marketing team needs ‘big picture’ data; your sales team needs the individual details. Your customer service reps care about accuracy and accountability. Four or five departments within your company might keep information about a single one of your clients. Each department might use a different program to store this data, or a different protocol to organize it. The records might be updated inconsistently between departments—and who’d know? Is anyone taking care of all this data?

Data quality analysis is an important job—and that’s what our Marketing Data Services Platform is for. The MDSP performs data scrubbing to ensure that your data is always current and correct, regardless of common issues like high turnover, lack of control over inbound lead forms, or inaccurate entry of CRM data by users. It also makes sure your information is consistent and accessible across any number of applications or platforms.

First, we’ll expand and update your existing data by checking it against our comprehensive B2B database. Our system contains information from more than 300 million social profiles, and all of our information is reliable and up-to-date. After testing your data, we’ll present a data quality analysis we call a ‘Good, Bad, and Ugly’ Report, or GBU.

Because our GBU is so precise through data scrubbing, we can provide very company-specific directions for maintaining your data quality going forward. We can also offer accurate, comprehensive price quotes that make budgeting for our services easy and predictable.

Our holistic approach to data quality analysis and real-time data readiness solutions creates pipeline intelligence and insight for optimization. And, perhaps most importantly, our technology enables you to take responsibility back into your own hands.

Contact us to learn more about our data quality technology and data quality analysis solutions and how it can enable accurate lead generation results at every stage in your marketing and sales pipeline.