What We Do:

Performance-Oriented Teleservices Solutions

Highly skilled calling agents immersed in your markets and certified to conduct a variety of lead generation programs regardless of complexity.

Sustainable and scalable

telservices that enable discovery, validation and qualification of sales-ready opportunities.

High-impact conversations

with high-level decision-making buyers to accelerate results.

Seamless integration

with your internal processes.

Collaborative and productive

relationships with your inside sales teams and sales reps.

Team of agents

dedicated exclusively and over the long-term to your campaigns.

televerde - what we do

The need for human touch throughout the marketing and sales pipeline has never been greater. From B2B appointment setting to lead generation telemarketing, the person-to-person dialogue is where information is exchanged in real-time and actionable context comes to light. It’s where needs are clearly discovered, insight is acquired, relationships are established, and qualification of a sales opportunity occurs. Nothing replaces the power of the conversation to validate a lead and accelerate it to revenue.

Whether your B2B audience is the C-suite, supervisors, or any level in between, Televerde’s uniquely trained and qualified teleservices agents generate high conversion rates for your inbound and outbound lead generation, lead nurturing, B2B appointment setting and inside sales programs. Our 350+ highly trained agents have been immersed in your target markets for 17 years speaking directly with your decision-makers and influencers in more than 250,000 conversations each year. Our decision-maker conversations convert to qualified leads at a rate of 35%.

Our renowned team of lead generation telemarketing agents is dedicated to skillfully presenting the value of your solutions to your buyers. Their level of passion, market insight, and proficiency at engaging high-level executives in relevant conversations is unequalled. They’re trained and certified to produce specific campaign outcomes regardless of complexity. While our competitors wrestle with high turnover, Televerde’s market-savvy team has an average tenure of more than four years, providing you with more experienced, higher performing agents and greater return on your investment.

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