Secrets to Getting Customers to Value you as a Trusted Guide


For those that know me, they know that I truly enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve gained over my career. When asked to join Gerhard Gschwandtner for an on-stage conversation at the Sales 3.0 conference about building sales relationships in the digital age, I readily agreed. I have some strong thoughts on how to build an effective and trusted relationship with customers, and this conference it a great place to share those thoughts.

The Sales 3.0 conference focuses on using technology to make sales organizations highly efficient and effective.  As CEO of a global sales and marketing company, this is a key focal point for us as well. What is key to me, and so many other sales leaders, is to ensure that technology enhances communication with the customer, not replaces it.

In preparation for the Sales 3.0 speaking engagement, and my teams’ preparation for 2018, this video highlights some of my thoughts on how to grow revenue and improve sales efficiency by building a fundamental trust in sales relationships.

I’m looking forward to presenting at @Sales30Conf in San Francisco on March 12-13!

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At the event, book an appointment with us, whether you need help with one part of the process – or are searching for an entire lead-to-revenue solution, we have the expertise to bring your sales program to the next level.


Jim Hooker

Author: Jim Hooker

Jim establishes and guides Televerde’s strategic focus as a premier provider of integrated lead to revenue services. He started the company in 1995 with a mission to help clients solve complex problems through market intelligence and demand generation programs. Since then, the stellar results that consistently exceed their expectations have enabled our long-term relationships with leading B2B tech and non-tech companies. Jim strongly advocates that we provide clients with a second-to-none experience based on extreme customer service and the best return on investment attainable. The goal he sets for the Televerde team is clear: Set the bar on great performance and then continually drive to exceed it.  Connect on LinkedIn.

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