This Is What Salespeople Say They Need Marketing To Do Better: 14 Ideas from New Survey.


Televerde’s new B2B sales and marketing alignment survey report, What Does Sales Need & Want from Marketing? ranks the top 14 things that marketing can do better to help win more deal


The responses, from more than 200 B2B sales executives surveyed in the first quarter of 2017, clustered around three basic categories—messaging, leads, and relationships.

In the messaging category, salespeople want better marketing materials, more case studies and testimonials, and better websites, but they also want clarity around what exactly is coming from marketing.

In the relationship category, sales wants marketing to check in on their needs more often.  Sales would like Marketing to create better target personas and attend more industry and influencer events.

And as far as leads are concerned, sales obviously wants more qualified leads and better-qualified leads.

Sales relies on marketing to lead the storytelling framework and get the right messaging and materials to buyers, particularly in the early discovery stages.

Insights for sales and marketing alignment

The complete survey report reveals actionable insights you can use to align your sales and marketing teams and give your company the best shot at a healthy pipeline.

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Jim Thorburn

Author: Jim Thorburn

Jim Thorburn is a strong customer advocate who is responsible for leading global sales initiatives for Televerde's growing, world-class sales organization. With his 30+ years of executive experience in private equity, public and private companies, Jim has demonstrated leadership in a number of industries including technology, automotive and alternative energy. 

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