The Client

As a market and technology leader in business software, the highlighted company offers solutions and services for improving business operations specifically focused on the retail solution portfolio. This solution portfolio targets grocery, hardlines and softlines retailers with a means to turn today’s challenges into opportunities with solutions that help drive profitable multichannel retailing. It offers retailers the insight to better understand shoppers and businesses, the operational efficiency to ensure profit, and the adaptability to capitalize on the best opportunities to grow.

The Challenge

Televerde and this client had an existing relationship related to servicing their lead generation efforts. In the relationship, we identified the following challenges:

  • Large percentage of net new accounts with little awareness of their company.
  • Account Executives not spending enough time selling; more time researching.
  • Televerde agents and Account Executives were not in sync with priorities.
  • Not utilizing the Televerde agents time effectively.

The Solution

To increase the penetration into the retail sector, Televerde and the company decided to pilot an account-based program. The program starts with a sub-set of the net new Account Executives selecting their top 5 – 10 large accounts. The process, data management and communication are essential for success.

The program itself included the aspects to ensure success:

  • Account planning intros to review current intelligence and gaps.
  • Supplement key accounts with additional contacts based on account plan.
  • Televerde agents created detail “Account Profiles” to guide the strategy for each account.
  • Weekly collaboration calls between teams to continue to build the knowledge base on the account.
  • Warm hand-offs between team for all leads created by Televerde.

The Televerde agents were responsible to manage and gather the above elements through research via individual conversations and secondary research.

The Results

In the initial 14 weeks of running the program, the company saw increased account intelligence, enhanced communications and a single focus with the Televerde agents.

Next Steps

From the initial program, the company is looking to continue the current strategy with the Net New Account Executives only while expanding the programs with a regional focus due to volume.

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