The Client

As a market leader in enterprise application software, our client helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device, they empower people and organizations to work together more efficiently.

The Challenge

Our client uses a broad spectrum of marketing programs to generate leads, which are provided to several third-party teleservices vendors for “qualification.” These vendors also cold call into target lists to set appointments for our client’s inside sales, field sales and channel partners. Several years ago, they built an internal lead development team to add value and further determine propensity to buy for mid-pipeline qualified leads before turning them over to sales and partners due to the longer sales cycle.

The lead development team was performing, but there was a high turnover and the ramp time of new lead development reps was hindering production. Our client reached out to Televerde because of our training requirements and management style to fill this need.

The Solution

What started out as a six-month pilot that included an intensive three-week training program led by the client quickly turned into 37 Sales Development Reps (SDR) that support Enterprise (ENT) and Small-Medium Business (SMB) markets and assigned to work with our client’s field and channel partners.

As part of the pilot, we outlined the roles and process to ensure highest production and synergy between the sales team and the outsourced SDR team:

  • Assess the currency and accuracy of the information on the MQL received from outsource lead generation vendors.
  • Determine propensity to purchase by capturing additional intelligence.
  • Build relationship with prospects to demonstrate empathy, reliability and responsiveness; build confidence in our client’s products/services.
  • Work directly with the sales reps and partners, providing a personal handoff of the opportunity, with complete explanation of the deal.
  • Support field territory managers in target account prospecting.


The Results

The Televerde B2B outsourced sales lead development team was able to achieve similar results to the in-house operations within the six-month pilot. In some cases, the outsourced team’s results exceeded those of the in-house team.

As a positive outcome to the unprecedented results our client closed the internal team and completely outsourced the entire team to Televerde. In addition, a shift was made to focus solely on large enterprises and strategic accounts. Televerde has developed a self-sustaining model for onboarding, training and scaling the SDR business.

Here’s what the Televerde outsourced sales lead development team achieved in 2015:

  • 3,430 sales-ready opportunities (SQL/SQO) generated
  • $960 million in pipeline
  • $95 million in closed revenue

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