Innovative solutions for innovative companies.

Televerde is uniquely qualified to help sellers of hardware, software and SaaS solutions generate quality leads and accelerate sales cycles. Our teleservices representatives have years of experience selling high tech products to C-level executives and other decision makers.


Healthy sales & marketing campaigns for optimal results.

Televerde understands the purchasing personas at healthcare organizations and can create content that resonates with this specialized audience while satisfying compliance requirements. More than 50 agents have direct, personal experience with healthcare, healthcare IT or both.


Build stronger sales & marketing initiatives.

Televerde has the know-how you need to find buyers and create valuable distribution efficiencies. We can show you how an investment in sales and marketing is just as important as your investment in plant operations and product development.

Venture Capital Funded

Accelerate growth with new sales & marketing opportunities.

Businesses that use venture capital are often constrained when it comes to spending outside of R&D and product development. By outsourcing sales, marketing and database management to Televerde, you can gain flexibility while reducing overhead.

Financial Services

Strategic execution to increase financial success.

Our proven track record of successful financial services-related campaigns is a direct result of our expertise in targeting, persona development services, content creation and integrated B2B teleservices. We have a deep understanding of financial terms and government regulations and can access the best data to drive program success.

Flexible Solutions For Your Industry

Televerde has managed successful initiatives in a wide variety of industries for companies around the world. We have the expertise necessary to apply our specialized knowledge to any area of your business. Let us develop a customized set of solutions that will solve your unique challenges and exceed your expectations.