If your browser is set to allow cookies, we may store small amounts of information on your computer about what parts of our websites you have visited and what features you like best. We also may use cookies to identify visitors so that they don’t have to re-enter their usernames and passwords. By allowing us to understand how you use our site over time, cookies can help us provide you with a better, more relevant online experience.

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What do cookies and other anonymous identifiers do?

We use many different types of cookies and anonymous identifiers, but in essence, these anonymous identifiers are used to make our sites and products work more productively for you, to personalize advertising and to enable certain website or product functionality.

As an example, cookies or other anonymous identifiers may be used to:

  • Help you navigate between different pages on our sites efficiently.
  • Remember your login details and preferences you have given to save you time and hassle. i.e. Accessing MyAccount
  • Measure how you use our products and services so that we may improve them and your browsing experience.

Personalize advertising to make content more relevant to you.

You may find further information about cookies at the following website: www.aboutcookies.org