Lead-to-Revenue Model

Align your team, become more effective and increase your ROI with Televerde. We can help your company generate demand and nurture leads from the moment they enter the sales pipeline to close.

Generating Demand

Accelerating Sales

“The knowledge, professionalism and passion that Televerde embeds into my marketing campaigns rivals any that I have seen in all my years in high-tech marketing. Televerde has transformed how I choose my outsourced partners.”

Lead generation solutions and sales services.

Demand generation success is determined long before you contact a lead. We create a clear path to effective campaign execution through readiness in these three areas.

Marketing Technology Services

Marketing Technology Services

Most companies leave opportunity on the table when they manage marketing technology in-house. Let the experts at Televerde provide the assistance you need to get optimal results from Eloqua, Marketo and Pardot.

Engagement Strategy and Consulting

Engagement Strategy & Consulting

Televerde can arm you with intelligence on why people buy, how they buy and what they need to know before they choose you to solve a business challenge. Engaging prospects at the right time with the right touch accelerates your revenue.

Data Intelligence


On average, 30% of contact data becomes unusable every year. Trust Televerde to ensure you have the cleanest, most up-to-date data possible. We can show you how to use that data for greater program success.

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“Televerde consistently puts us in front of the IT senior managers we’re targeting. Had we kept our lead generation efforts in-house we probably would have secured the number of leads we desired but not at the level of qualification we need to convert them. Our cost-per-lead would have been significantly higher and the process wouldn’t have been as efficient as it is with Televerde.”

Accelerate revenue.

Our highly-trained team creates end-to-end demand generation solutions that drive incremental revenue across all channels. Save resources and eliminate risk by employing us for services that increase growth.

Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Sales can’t happen unless you have the right leads to begin with. Televerde can help create demand for your products and services, and we make sure your sales reps get the most qualified leads available.



Our teleservices reps set the industry standard for training, tenure, personal engagement and the ability to influence C-level executives. Our dedicated, scalable staff will increase conversion rates and accelerate your sales cycle.

Inside Sales

Inside Sales

Eliminate missed opportunities and shorten your sales cycle by outsourcing your entire sales effort to Televerde, or use our experts as an extension of your existing team.

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