Intelligent data.
Actionable results.

Data is powerful – but it is also complex, confusing, difficult to manage and constantly expanding. We simplify it for you.

According to the Data Warehousing Institute, poor data costs US businesses more than $600 billion annually. Your company could save thousands of dollars simply by collecting and monitoring more accurate information, and using it to your advantage.

Our process identifies inaccurate data and equips you with new information to fix it. Quality information creates opportunities for your business to improve lead volume, increase lead conversions and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Our approach to better data:

  • Contact Record Remediation and Provisioning
  • Enriching and Data Quality Append
  • Insight into Engagement
  • Data Quality Maintenance

How do I get better data?

  • We identify your leads’ existing records, social information and relevant company information to enrich and append data that facilitates successful interactions with customers.
  • Working with us will give you access to our unique set of data scores and contact information gathered in the 5 million calls we make for clients each year.
  • You can forego purchasing costly lists by renting data for your campaigns and programs run with Televerde.

Keeping changing information up-to-date:

  • Buyers change their behavior, and your company needs to have accurate information on prospects at all times. We maintain and monitor your data collection, ensuring you always have access to the information you need.
  • We combine data received from marketing and sales automatically.
  • Our integrated campaigns involve every department in your company, so accurate data can easily be utilized by everyone throughout your business.

“We’re seeing very favorable results from [Televerde’s] ability to combine several services into a comprehensive set of best practice-driven solutions that are fulfilling our multiple objectives – database enrichment, lead generation, lead nurturing and inside sales. The services Televerde provides and the results they generate for us continue to surpass expectations.”

VP of Sales SAP