Create meaningful connections.

For your company to increase conversion rates and sales, you need to engage your buyers in relevant, meaningful interactions. During complex B2B purchasing, a personal interaction with the right questioning techniques to uncover pains allows you to assess buyer stages and remove early roadblocks. Our B2B teleservices agents have the knowledge and industry experience to lead prospects through your sales cycle.

What we offer:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Development and Nurturing
  • Lead Qualification Services
  • B2B Appointment Setting
  • Event Recruitment
  • Inside Sales Agents
  • Chat Services

By the numbers:

  • Our teleservices agents have an impressive average tenure of over 4.5 years. This gives us a huge advantage over other companies in our industry with high turnover rates.
  • Our decision-maker conversations convert to qualified leads at a rate of 35%.
  • 90% of leads aren’t sales ready, and 94% of marketing-qualified leads never close. Our agents guarantee better conversion rates.
  • Our agents deliver the best conversion rates.

“Televerde consistently puts us in front of the IT senior managers we’re targeting. Had we kept our lead generation efforts in-house we probably would have secured the number of leads we desired but not at the level of qualification we need to convert them. Our cost-per-lead would have been significantly higher and the process wouldn’t have been as efficient as it is with Televerde.”

Chief Sales Officer SAP