February 06, 2019 | Blog

Companies around the world rely on Televerde to increase revenue and deliver sustainable business results. We combine leading-edge technology with a human touch, helping businesses generate demand and accelerate the sales pipeline.

This is what we do. Now let’s talk about how.

At Televerde, we believe in second chances. We help disempowered people find their voice and reach their human potential through empathy, education and opportunity.

How do we do this? Working with the Departments of Correction in Arizona and Indiana, we provide sales training, education, and jobs for incarcerated women both while in prison and after they are released.

And the results are extraordinary.

We’ve contributed to the transformation of almost 3,000 incarcerated women. While statewide rates of recidivism are as high as 70 percent, for women of Televerde, it’s a remarkable 6 percent.

The inmates at Perryville and Rockville who make up our Televerde family have transformed into sales and marketing professionals, becoming the cornerstone of the work we do. They are remarkably bright, extraordinarily hard-working, and have an intense desire to ensure that when they leave prison, they never go back.

When given the opportunity to shine, they unlock their full potential. Like Erin Ford.

“Today, I see myself with worth. I know that I am more than my mistakes. I am more than a number. My name means something. It holds integrity to myself, and to my customers, colleagues and friendships.”
Erin Ford, Inside Marketing Manager, Televerde




February 06, 2019,   Blog

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