The Value of Account-Based Marketing and Demand Creation in a Defined Universe


By Larry Fleischman, Practice Director, Branding and Go-to-Market Strategies, Televerde

Televerde’s Sales and Marketing team along with our Client Success staff participated in SiriusDecisions’ recent webinar – “Demand Creation in a Defined Universe™” presented by Megan Heuer, Service Director for Marketing Operations Strategies. As always, Megan did a great job presenting premise, objectives, frameworks, tactics, examples and success measurements.The concept of marketing in a defined universe is straightforward and essentially a broader term to describe account-based marketing. You have a targeted account, or several more likely, and you need to prepare your penetration strategy in advance so you know exactly which individuals within these accounts you need to contact, what to talk with them about, and how to find multiple connection points to leverage the relationships you’re developing. Relevant messaging is key (as always), as are clearly defined account penetration goals based on the specific opportunities within each account, insight and business intelligence for each account, and of course buyer insight (i.e., who is on the buying committee and what are their respective needs).

Megan correctly pointed out that there are multiple opportunities for account-based marketing, including sets of large accounts, mid-sized accounts, current customer accounts, and industries/segments, and that differentiated outreach is key based on which categories these types of accounts fall in.

I won’t go into more of the interesting details, insights and specific recommendations that Megan shared because it was a SiriusDecisions client-only webinar and to be fair the content is their intellectual property. For more info on how to engage with SiriusDecisions contact them at +1.203.665.4000.

However, I can go into some of the detail that they featured about Televerde in the webinar in terms of the framework we use and the success we’ve experienced with our own account-based marketing programs. What we do for ourselves we also do for our clients.

In essence, we have a deliberate, well-planned approach for each of our targeted enterprise accounts. Some are current clients where we want deeper penetration, and others are net-new accounts we’re targeting. Here are some of the key components of our account-based marketing approach:

  • A detailed strategic roadmap for each account that includes the people we need to connect with, how to reach them, what to speak with them about, specific opportunities we’re targeting, how we align with their needs and challenges, etc.
  • A business intelligence-rich, deep-dive account profile that features freshly researched information the sales rep who owns the account needs to understand in order to tactically implement his/her approach. The profile includes a list of key contacts, who they report to and work with (i.e., relationship map), company financials, competitive landscape, etc.
  • A set of message points to leverage in an ongoing, integrated digital (email) and dialogue-based (telemarketing/teleprospecting) approach to support lead generation, appointment-setting and lead nurturing activities. This is assisted with the disciplined benefits of using marketing automation to help drive the process.
  • And we also provide the sales reps who are assigned to these accounts with ongoing sales support provided by an inside sales-skilled person (we call them Sales Optimization Specialists) who knows the account inside and out. They help make appointments, keep contacts fresh, discover new account insight, etc.


There are many more details about our approach beyond these core four, so if you’re interested contact us at or +1 888-787-2819 and we’ll be happy to walk you through it and collaborate to determine how it could be applied in your unique situation.

Until then, I think you’ll be interested in the results we’ve seen so far with some additional context based on a comparison of our account-based marketing results and the results of our other programs that aren’t as tightly targeted; in the context of the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall™ lead conversion metrics methodology:

  • 4% higher email open rates in our ABM programs
  • 5%-9% higher right-party connect ratios (the 9% rate is achieved within our current client accounts)
  • 24% Inquiry to MQL conversion rate
  • 87% MQL to SAL conversion rate
  • 42% SAL to SQL conversion rate
  • 39% SQL to Closed-Won conversion rate
  • Our account-based marketing closed-won deal size is 56% higher than our average deal size from other campaigns.
  • Last year we closed deals in 20% of the accounts in our account-based marketing set.


Bottom line for us is that account-based marketing (or “demand creation in a defined universe”) is a proven success. The results it produces are notably better than other programs. We encourage you to give some thought to how you could apply the ABM strategy to your own targeted accounts. In the meantime, feel free to share your opinions with us and don’t hesitate to contact us at +1 888-787-2829 to learn more.

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Author: Televerde

Televerde is a global demand generation company that provides sales and marketing solutions designed to acquire new business and accelerate revenue.  Connect on LinkedIn.

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