Monarch Medical Technologies Increases Net Promoter Scores through Inside Sales

Customer experience is king. When Monarch Medical Technologies realized they were missing out on renewals because some customers’ needs were slipping through the cracks, Televerde sales teams intervened.

Data Storage Team Achieves Long-term Growth with a 56x Marketing ROI

For more than 12 years, our client’s ROI continues to grow, thanks to a partnership built on innovation, trust, and results. Starting with a demand center of excellence, we recently helped them launch global expansion lead generation efforts.


Pulse Secure Closes $19M in Revenue with Televerde Partnership

Following a divestiture, Pulse Secure needed to quickly establish a sales and marketing go-to-market strategy with few resources. Through its extended Televerde team, Pulse Secure now has a sophisticated, streamlined and well-supported process for demand generation and lead qualification. This resulted in more than 3,600 new leads generated, $55M in sales pipeline, and $19M worth of revenue. The additional resources and strategic direction helped Pulse Secure grow their existing customer base, enhance their industry credibility, and build its new brand in a short period of time.

lifeIMAGE Enhances the Marketing Picture with Data

How much market share do you have? Do people know your name? We helped our client lifeIMAGE identify their true market sweet spot and increase brand recognition with large pipeline value that drove qualified prospects to purchase.